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  • 4-Wheel-drive with four hydraulic feed motors
  • Recommended hydraulic pump capacity 200-280 l/min
  • Superb performance in all thinning
  • Multitree handling equipment available for energy wood

H412 Brochure ENG

Efficient thinning head

The H412 presents the next generation of John Deere harvester heads. This thinning head has been designed for use with 770D as well as 1070E and 1170E harvesters. With the compact H412 it is easy to catch, fell and process trees in dense forest stands. It enables efficient boom movements, which is a key factor for gaining high productivity in thinning operations. The main frame is machined as one piece, which provides high durability with dimensional accuracy.Three moving delimbing knives, one fixed top knife, and one fixed back knife follow the contours of the stem. The H412 provides excellent delimbing quality for all stem diameters, even down to 80 mm. The fast SuperCut 100 saw unit provides a maximum felling diameter of 470 mm, which gives the H412 superb performance in all thinning stages.

Feeding 4 feed rollers, max opening 530 mm
Cutting diameter 470 mm
Weight w/o rotator and link 733 kg
Delimbing 3 moving and 2 fixed knives