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  • 4 wheel drive with four hydraulic feed motors
  • Recommended pump capacity 240-280 l/min
  • For thinning and small final felling
  • Multitree handling available


H413 Brochure ENG

Powerful head with good grip

The H413 is the most recent addition to John Deere's offering of efficient and accurate harvester heads. The grip is firm and the H413 even manages thin trunks, giving good delimbing results and boosting thinning efficiency. The H413 has excellent feeding power and optimal delimbing functions and quality. The knives follow the shapes of the trunk which facilitates feeding and also makes it easier to handle crooked trunks. The new ribbed feeding rollers ensure firm grip without damaging the surface of the trunks. The renewed frame structure makes the harvester head more durable while new work hydraulics boost productivity. Felling is easier to control which makes overall performance more efficient. The H413 is excellent for multi-tree handling and the durable MTH rollers have good grip that is especially designed for energy wood harvesting. The location of the maintenance points on the H413 harvester head makes daily maintenance as easy as possible. There is no need to change the position of the head or to open the knives. Everyday maintenance tasks can be carried out quickly when the head is in an upright position. While doing this, it is also a good opportunity to refill paint tanks and other containers that may need refilling.

Feeding 4 feed rollers, opening 560 mm
Cutting diameter 580 mm
Weight without rotator and link 940 kg
Delimbing 4 moving and 2 fixed knives