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  • Continuous 4-wheel drive gives excellent control of the felling
  • Recommended pump capacity 260-340 l/min
  • Multitree handling available


H415 Brochure ENG

Great delimbing properties and excellent grip on large and bent trunks

The newest addition to John Deere's 400 series, the H415 harvester head, is especially designed for handling large trunks. The new geometrics of the feed roller arms enable excellent grip regardless of the trunk size. Thanks to its three different trunk type settings – one for normal trunks, another for dealing with large butt-flare, and a top saw for pile processing and hardwood ‒ the H415 is well suited to different types of regeneration harvesting. The frame of the H415 is higher than usual which helps control the felling process. A new hydraulics solution makes the hoses more durable. Feeding is handled efficiently, thanks to excellent grip and trunk management features as well as the location of the delimbing knives.

Feeding 4 feed rollers, max. opening 680 mm
Cutting diameter 750 mm
Weight without rotator and link 1330 kg
Delimbing 4 moving and 2 fixed knives