MANITOU aerial platforms


As a world leader in all-terrain loading and lifting equipment, MANITOU is known for the innovation, safety and quality of its machinery. MANITOU designs and manufactures equipment specifically adapted to the needs of their clients in construction, agriculture and industry. Reliability, performance and simplicity of MANITOU machines produce equipment of high added value. So, naturally, the brand has put all its expertise, and that of its distribution chain, to the development of diesel-engine, electic and hybrid platforms for the construction industry. You will find a wide choice of lifting platforms, each of them corresponding perfectly to the requirements of your business.


MANITOU manufactures electric, hybrid and diesel lifting platforms. More information about diesel lifting platforms can be found HERE.

The following types of platforms are available in the MANITOU range of lifting platforms:
Scissor lift platforms (maximum working height – 14.20 m):
– SC series – diesel scissor lifts (for outdoor use).
– SE and SEC series – electric scissor lifts (mainly used for indoor work).

Vertical mast aerial work platforms – VJR series electric lifting platforms. Lifting height up to 9.85 m.

Articulated aerial platforms (maximum working height – 20 m):
– AETJ series – self-propelled electric articulated lifting platforms (electric and hybrid);
– ATJ series – articulated lifting platforms (with internal combustion engines or electric);
– MAN'GO articulated lifting platforms (with internal combustion engines).

Telescopic aerial work platforms – TJ series with internal combustion engines. The maximum working height is 27.7 m.