SVETRUCK forklifts

SVETRUCK is one of the oldest forklift companies. The design of the forklift mast was developed in 1977. and became the standard for this company’s forklifts. SVETRUCK develops convenient and safe forklifts that guarantee operators a good working day. Smooth control of all functions, optimal work area layout and excellent visibility from the machine, which can perform difficult tasks.

Forklifts are designed to load as well and safely as possible in all situations. SVETRUCK stems are open construction for optimal visibility. All stems, frames and accessories use high quality steel.

SVETRUCK manufactures the masts itself with a well-measured mast profile and powerful mast guides that guarantee stability. Everything is thoroughly tested before installation. The forks are designed to provide the best possible and safest cargo transportation in all situations. All stems are open design, which ensures that the operator can see the entire environment. The masts and their parts are made of high quality steel.