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Grapple skidders

Backed by over a half-century of experience in the woods; and designed with proven components to withstand the toughest environments. L-Series Skidders are our most reliable and productive ever – redefining your expectations of what a skidder can accomplish for your logging operation.John Deere grapple skidders` models:

  • 648L
  • 748L
  • 848L
  • 948L

Grapple skidder 648L

Faster maintenance will keep you up and running. The 648L Grapple Skidder makes service quick and easy with large panels for wide-open access to the engine and cab tilts to provide a quick route to other components. The efficient Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) keeps engine speed constant to reduce fuel consumption, while auto-idle extends component life. With the hydraulic reversing fan and extended filter-change interval and the 648L keeps your working longer.

Gross Power 163 kW (218 hp)
Gross Torque 979 Nm (722 ft.-lb.)
Tong Opening at Tips 3015–3218 mm (118.7–126.7 in.)
Operating Weight 17 844–19 054 kg (39,340–42,009)


Grapple skidder 748L

With more horsepower, stability and grapple options, the 748L Grapple skidder is a game changer in the woods. A new larger grapple gives you more flexibility to configure your machine to match an application. The best-in-class horsepower and impressive power-to-weight ratio combine for superb responsiveness and maximum efficiency. This machine provides the serious performance you need to stay on top of your game.

Gross Power 181 kW (243 hp)
Gross Torque 1093 Nm (806 ft.-lb.)
Tong Opening at Tips 3267 mm (128.6 in.)
Operating Weight 19 713 kg (43,460 lb.)


Grapple skidder 848L

The 848L Grapple Skidder is changing the game with new grapple design that features box-style tongs for maximum strength and harder wear surfaces for long life. Add to that the more robust heavy-duty axles and the standard new Outboard-Extreme axles and you have a machine that sets a new standard for reliability.

Gross Power 198 kW (265 hp)
Gross Torque 1191 Nm (878 ft.-lb.)
Tong Opening at Tips 3737 mm (147.1 in.)
Operating Weight 22 384 kg (49,349 lb.)


Grapple skidder 948L

In the forest, Uptime is the name of the game. And the 948L Grapple Skidder is not interested in playing nice. Its beefier roller-bearing articulation joint provided longer life. The standard Outboard-Extreme axles are the biggest, most rugged axle in the woods. Add in a durable drivetrain, tougher grapples, and a simplified electrical system, and you have a machine that is all business.

Gross Power 210 kW (281 hp)
Gross Torque 1276 Nm (941 ft.-lb.)
Tong Opening at Tips 3851 mm (151.6 in.)
Operating Weight 22 416 kg (49,420 lb.)