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John Deere 1110G forwarder

1110G is the latest version of this mid-size forwarder. The machine’s FT4 engine meets the latest emissions regulations, and the machine has many other additions and improvements  compared to its predecessor.
The engine output and torque have been increased. The 1110G’s engine has about 6.5% more power and 4.1% more torque than the 1110E’s IT4 engine. The better coupling of the powerful diesel engine with the power train results in a clear improvement in performance.

  • Precise and efficient boom control
  • Strong and powerful FT4 engine
  • 4.1% more torque
  • Clear and simple electrical system


Brochure 1110G

In addition to improved performance, the boom control is more precise. New controllers, simple CAN busses and a streamlined electrical system improve the efficiency of machine functions, decrease malfunction sensitivity and accelerate troubleshooting.

The optional intelligent boom control makes load-handling more efficient and increases productivity by as much as one load per day. In the latest 2.0 version of the intelligent boom control, the precision of the grapple control has been improved, especially in long reaches.

The JDLink remote control system can be activated for the 1110G forwarder. The JDLink system makes it easy to monitor the machine’s key data on a mobile device or at the office. The machine’s uptime remains high when changes in productivity are shown early on and can be addressed quickly.

The 1110G forwarder is also available with a short wheelbase. The wheelbase has been shortened by moving the rear axle forward by 40 cm. This allows the size of the load space to remain unchanged. The machine’s stability remains good and its agility improves, which is beneficial particularly in thinnings.


Key features: 

Load rating 12000 kg
Boom reach 7,2 / 8,5 / 10
Engine power 145 kW
Torque 865 Nm