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John Deere 1470G harvester

The 1470G is John Deere’s biggest harvester model. In terms of technology, the 1470G is virtually the same as the 1270G, but it has the bigger CH9 boom and the different front frame it requires, as well as bigger tyres and bogie axles.

  • Powerful and fuel efficient
  • Strong and accurate harvester heads
  • Harvester boom CH9
  • Comfortable working environment

Power and torque

The boom's slewing cylinders have been positioned parallel to the harvester's frame, thus improving the hosing and cabling. This also brings better forward visibility and minimizes wear and tear. The boom's path and speed is excellent, and the boom works effortlessly also when fully extended.
Thanks to the new Final Tier 4 engine, the 1470G's fuel economy is great: consumption is even 10% less than the IT4 engine, but power and torque have increased by more than 5%. The engine reacts quickly to changing loads and the high torque with a wide rpm range enable fuel efficient and productive work.
The 1470G's new control modules increase the power and precision of the base machine's control system. The twin-pump hydraulic system ensures that simultaneous operation of the harvester head and the boom is smooth. 
The John Deere H415 harvester head is an efficient combination with the John Deere 1470G harvester and CH9 boom. The H415 harvester head grips trunks firmly, and the power and precision of the CH9 boom make for fast and efficient work.
TimberMatic H-16 for G-Series harvesters is a reliable and easy-to-use control system that makes everyday work tasks more manageable. The control system covers measuring and cutting functions and base machine control. The configurable user interface, shortcut keys for frequently used settings, the operator-specific setting and the interactive menus make logging faster and easier.


Key technical data

Twin pump hydraulics 210 and 180 cm³
Boom reach 8,6 / 10 / 11 m
Max. power 200 kW
Harvester heads H425, H270 Series II and H219