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John Deere 910G forwarder

The 910G forwarder has been designed by BMW Design Works. Special attention has been paid to ease of service: a large panel on the right side of the engine hood can be opened and the upper part can be tilted forward. The fuel tank has been moved to the front and a hydraulic module has been added to the freed space behind the cabin. 

  • The smallest G-Series forwarder;
  • FT4-engine John Deere 4045;
  • New hydraulics;
  • Several options for accessories.

Brochure 910G

The optional IBC is available for CF5-boom. The boom is accurate and easy to operate: the operator controls the boom tip directly instead of controlling independent boom joint movements. The system also considerably reduces the number of tuning parameters needed and increases durability of boom structures and hydraulic cylinders. John Deere Final Tier 4 engines meet the required emissions regulations while also bringing more power and torque. The John Deere 4045 PowerTech Plus, 4,5 liter 4-cylinder engine’s output is 118 kW.


Key features: 

Load capacity 9 tons (22.5); 10 tons (24.5)
Boom reach CF5 reach 7,2 m, 8,5 m or 10 m
Engine power 118 kW
Torque 650 Nm