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Recyclers/ Stabilizers

BOMAG offers economically advantageous and environmentally-friendly soil and asphalt stabilization and recycling machinery. May be used both as stabilizer or recycler. As stabilizers they are suitable for stabilization works involving lime, cement and bitumen as well as for construction works of bottom layer, base layer and anti-freeze protection layer. As recyclers they are suitable for pulverisation of existing asphalt layers on site and further stabilization.

Self-propelled recyclers/stabilizers


If you choose BOMAG, you choose expertise, quality and efficiency. Whether compact or powerful our soil stabilizers and recyclers are the perfect solution for every job site. From car parks and roads, landfill and dyke construction, industrial sites, motorways, railways and airports – BOMAG recyclers are highly versatile. Our unique product range, which is the largest in the world, easily copes with the most varied areas of application such as crushing asphalt, soil stabilization or cold recycling. An experienced international team of experts ensures that requirements are met by implementations suitable for job sites and continuously sets new trends.


Trust in our engineers’ expertise and see for yourself how work is performed at the highest level, with the highest reliability.



Model Engine
power (kW)
width (mm)
RS 460 340 24 200 2 440
RS 500 390 24 900 2 250
RS 650 480 27 900 2 400



Tractor-towed recyclers/stabilizers


Modern tractors have impressive engine power: they can now also be used for heavy earthmoving work. A tractor-towed stabilizer can be driven directly via the rear PTO shaft. The advantages of this combination are plain to see: the investment is low, the system is very light and highly manoeuvrable, and a tractor can also perform other tasks on the construction site, resulting in high annual capacity utilisation.

Stabilization is often the most sensible and sometimes the only option, both economically and ecologically. The soil can be reused on the construction site, so it does not need to be removed.


Stabilization eliminates the need to replace non-load-bearing soils. This process removes moisture from the material by mixing in binders (mix-in-place method), thus improving the compaction properties and load-bearing capacity. By mixing in cement, even unstable soils can be made load-bearing.

On smaller construction sites, in particular, using a tractor-towed stabilizer makes more and more sense. The milling and stabilizer units are an ideal addition to the fleet for construction and service companies involved in earthmoving or soil replacement operations.



Power requirement
min. (HP) 


width (mm)

RS 250


4 450

2 520

RS 300


6 710

2 500


Binder spreaders


Binder spreaders reliably delivers precise spreading results. It applies powdered binding agents such as cement, lime or fly ash evenly to stabilise and improve the substrate.

The pre-set quantity of binding agent is applied by the automatic spreading quantity control system. The total spread width can be reduced mechanically in four steps from 2.4 m to 1 m. The simple design with only a few hydraulic components enhances the robustness of the binder spreader.




width (mm)


BS 3

1 290

2 400


BS 5

1 405

2 400


BS 10

5 960

2 400


BS 16

8 880

2 400