History and owners


"INTRAC Group" started his activities as part of the Finnish company "Thomesto OY". The company was actively operating in the Baltic states since 1970 selling heavy (self-propelled) machinery. To improve the service and technical support for their customers, the company established its branches in the Baltic states in 1994.  In 1995, a regional parent company was established. It is responsible for the sales of self propelled machinery, marketing and network development in the Baltic states. Over 2002 the group management together with the Baltic Investment Fund took cover the company management redeeming the shares from Thomesto Oy.

"INTRAC Group" AB has it central office in Stockholm (www.intrac.se), and branches in all three Baltic states. From 2008 it also operates a subsidiary Intrac Polska in Poland. The owners of "INTRAC Group" AB is the Baltic Investment Fund, Nalka Invest investment company and the management of "INTRAC Group".

The Baltic Investment Fund is managed by the company BaltCap Management Ltd. managing private fund investments in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Currently, BaltCap Management Ltd. holds over 90 million euro of assigned funds.

Nalka Invest investment company is owned by Interogo Holding.

The company began its business in Lithuania as a foreign capital company UAB "Miško mašinos" in 1994.

In 1999 the company was renamed to UAB "Thomesto mašinos" and in 2000 together with the companies to UAB "INTRAC Lietuva".

Today, activities of "INTRAC Group" AB included the supply and maintenance of caterpillar and wheeled heavy machinery for forest logging, agriculture, stevedoring, construction, mining, road building in all Baltic states.

"INTRAC Group" AB is the sole authorised supplier representing trademarks such as John Deere Forestry, CASE Construction, DOOSAN Equipment, Manitou, Bomag and others. Currently, we are represented in different cities of the territory with our 21 trade and service divisions and more than 50 mobile servicing and repair vehicles.