JOHN DEERE forwarders

JOHN DEERE G-series forwarders are high-quality forest equipment designed for the transportation of forest assortments, forest thinning works and works in main felling areas. JOHN DEERE G-series forwarders have an excellent combination of engine power and traction. A specially designed manipulator allows you to achieve good results. Forwarders are characterized by an ergonomic working environment for operators. The rotating and automatically leveling cab ensures optimal visibility of the work area. Depending on the logging job, JOHN DEERE offers small, medium and large forwarders. JOHN DEERE forwarders are perhaps the best solution in the forestry industry.


How to choose the right forwarder?


Forwarders are wood transport machines that help to transport wood from one place to another faster and easier. This forest equipment is very popular today – after all, opportunities are always being sought to perform work faster and easier. However, the question is often asked – what would be the best choice? After all, even JOHN DEERE offers at least several models of forwarders, and their equipment options differ. The choice is really very wide.


Forwarders classes


When choosing the right forest equipment, the most important criterion should be quality – after all, it is always expected that the chosen machine will work long enough. Therefore, it is important that the selected model of the forwarder is suitable for the planned work. One of the most popular choices is JOHN DEERE for, which are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. The forest equipment of this manufacturer has earned a really excellent reputation, so be sure that you will not be disappointed with such a choice.

Forwarders are divided into three main classes:

• small forwarders – suitable for forest thinning and clearing. The carrying capacity of these bear trucks is from 9 to 11 tons.
• medium-sized forwarders – for forest thinning and clearing, but their carrying capacity is slightly higher – from 12 to 13 tons.
• large forwarders – adapted to work in extremely unfavorable conditions for forestry, their carrying capacity – from 15 to 19 tons.

We will always help you choose the most suitable forest equipment. If you have any questions, just contact the sales manager for a consultation. It will be easier to make a decision after receiving all the most important information about the planned purchase of forest machinery, its configuration options, additional equipment. Contact:


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