UAB "INTRAC Lietuva" sells JOHN DEERE forest machinery. We offer wood pulling tractors (skidders). Forest haulers (skidders) are used to haul full-length (non-sorted) trees from the forest. These forest tractors can be used to work with forest harvesters.

Incorporating an easy-to-maintain design and our most rugged axles ever, our L-II Series grapple skidders and cable skidders are reliable and well equipped to handle the toughest forest environments. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) combines the efficiency of a direct-drive transmission with the smoothness and operating ease of a hydrostatic drive. Choose from a range of box-style tong grapples with serious power and stability. Plus our tree skidders are built on more than 180 years of groundbreaking innovation, and backed by over a half-century of experience in the woods, all to help you outrun the competition.