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Batch plants

The fully comprehensible MARINI offer, which is able to live up to the expectations of even of the most demanding client looking for asphalt plant equipment, is the result of the synergy created with other companies in the FAYAT Group, the only full-liner in the road building sector.

The advantages of the batch asphalt mixing plant


Batch mix asphalt plant is the most widespread type of asphalt plant in the world and their popularity lies in the fact that they guarantee top quality and maximum flexibility. The name comes from the fact that the asphalt is produced in batches every 40-50 seconds, depending on the capacity of the plant and the mixing specifications.Consequently, in batch plants (as opposed to continuous plants) the hot aggregates, filler and bitumen are first weighed and then fed into the mixer. After mixing, the asphalt is discharged from the mixer in the storage bin or directly onto the trucks. Batch plants are therefore a guarantee of maximum flexibility, great versatility and are ideal for urban situations where it is necessary to satisfy a range of different production specifications and to promptly respond to the various needs of the clients.



BE TOWER batch plants

 BE TOWER 1500

​ BE TOWER 2000

​ BE TOWER 2500

TOP TOWER batch plants

​ TOP TOWER 2000

​ TOP TOWER 2500

​ TOP TOWER 3000

​ TOP TOWER 4000

​ TOP TOWER 5000


XPRESS batch plants


​ XPRESS 2500


ROADSTAR batch plants