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  • 4-Wheel-drive with four steel feed rollers
  • Recommended hydraulic pump capacity 290-340 l/min
  • Multitree handling equipment available

H480C Brochure ENG

Outstanding Productivity

The John Deere H480C Harvesting Head combines large timber-cutting power with excellent delimbing quality throughout its tip-to-tip diameter range. Paired with the new John Deere 1270E and 1470E Harvesters, the H480C is hard to outcompete in terms of productivity, uptime, and low daily operating costs. Optimized feed force and speed are realized via new feed motor options. In early to late thinnings the 400/630-cc motors provide best performance. For late thinnings and regeneration felling the 500/800-cc or 500/780-cc motors are the preferred choice. The H480C gives unprecedented tree-processing performance, especially in large timber. New feed-roller-arm geometry ensures that feed rollers have solid grip and reliably carry trunks in all diameter ranges.
New John Deere manufacturing processes have led to even more durable frame structures. New feed-roller arms feature more durable bearings, strengthened cylinders and pins,and well-protected hose routings. Four moving delimbing knives, one fixed top knife, and one fixed back knife follow the contours of the stem. The knife geometry and long cutting edges of the H480C ensure excellent delimbing quality for all stem diameters.

Feeding 4 feed rollers, max opening 680 mm
Cutting diameter 710 mm
Weight w/o rotator and link 1240 kg
Delimbing 4 moving and 2 fixed knives