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John Deere 1270G harvester

The John Deere 1270G consumes significantly less fuel than its predecessor, but boasts even more power. Fuel consumption, however, is very low – and that results in significant direct savings over the lifetime of the machine.

  • Effective, versatile and productive
  • Strong and accurate harvester heads
  • CH7 harvester boom
  • Pleasant working environment


Fuel efficient and economical 1270G

The increased output is particularly big in the 6-wheel machine, which now has the same power as the 8-wheel machine, i.e. 200 kW instead of the previous 170 kW. The torque has also been boosted: by as much as 17% in the 6-wheel machine and 5% in the 8-wheel machine. 
John Deere’s G-Series engines meet the latest Final Tier 4/Stage 4 emissions standard. The emissions requirements have resulted in a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Selective Catalytic Reduction, and a urea tank, all of which are well protected within the machine without changing the dimensions of the engine cover. Visibility to the work area also remains good.
In addition to the redesigned engine, the 1270G features new control modules and wiring harnesses. The high-quality connectors reduce disruptions and the new modules increase the efficiency of the control system. 
The cabin options include a fixed or a rotating and leveling cabin. The redesigned rotating and leveling cabin now has more legroom, and the materials used in the interior are easier to clean. The machine comes with Processing Power Control (PPC) – a simple and easy-to-use solution to balance power and fuel economy in different logging conditions. 

TimberMatic H-16 for G-Series harvesters is a reliable and easy-to-use control system that makes everyday work tasks more manageable. The control system covers measuring and cutting functions and base machine settings. The configurable user interface, shortcut keys for frequently used settings, the operator-specific settings and the interactive menus make logging faster and easier. 

Several solutions have improved the serviceability of the 1270G. Adjusting the diesel engine’s valves, e.g., now takes half the time it used to. John Deere ForestSight service solutions maintain the reliability of the machine and ensure high productivity. Our comprehensive service network brings maintenance and spare part services as well as the expertise of technical support close to our customers. The G-Series is more than a machine.


Key technical data

Twin pump hydraulics 190 and 180 cm³
Boom reach 8,6 / 10 / 11,7 m
Max power 200 kW
Harvester head options H423, H424, H270 Series II, H425