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John Deere 1510G forwarder

The 1510G forwarder’s FT4 engine meets the latest emissions regulations, and has about 5% more power and as much as 8.5% more torque compared to the IT4 engine. The better coupling of the powerful diesel engine with the power train results in a clear improvement in performance.

  • Precise and efficient boom control
  • Strong and powerful FT4 engine
  • Approx. 8.5% higher torque
  • Clear and simple electrical system


1510G forwarder
Thanks to the increases in power and torque, the 1510G forwarder has improved productivity. Additionally, excellent boom control and the renewed TimberMatic F-16 operating system improve working comfort and efficiency.

In addition to improved performance, the boom control is more precise. New controllers, simple CAN busses and a streamlined electrical system improve the efficiency of machine functions, decrease malfunction sensitivity and accelerate troubleshooting. For example, the number of fuses has been reduced because the controllers recognize overcurrent situations and cut the feed when necessary to protect the equipment. The 1510G forwarder is more agile than the previous model because its slewing angle has increased from 42 to 44 degrees.

The optional intelligent boom control makes load-handling more efficient and increases productivity by as much as one load per day. In the latest 2.0 version of the intelligent boom control, the precision of the grapple control has been improved, especially in long reaches.

The levelling and rotating cabin is a comfortable work environment. The cabin stays level on sloped terrain and rotates to the direction of the work area so that the operator can sit upright and relaxed throughout the day. The noise level in the cabin is comfortably low and the 1510G’s efficient vibration absorption makes driving smooth.

The JDLink system makes it easy to monitor the machine’s key data on a mobile device or at the office. The machine’s uptime remains high when changes in productivity are shown early on and can be addressed quickly.

A long-bogie version of the 1510G forwarder is available for logging on soft terrain. The distance between the front and rear wheel hubs in the rear bogie is 1890 mm, i.e. 390 mm longer than in the standard model. The power train and turning radius are the same as with the standard HD portal bogie-equipped machine. The long-bogie solution is suitable for both normal and soft terrains. The long bogie brings stability when navigating over obstacles in rocky terrain, and the low ground pressure of the rear frame makes the machine an excellent choice for logging in soft terrain.


Key features

Load rating 15 000 kg
Boom reach 7,2 / 8,5 / 10 m
Engine power 164 kW
Torque 978 Nm