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Intelligent Boom Control

Accurate movements with Intelligent Boom Control (IBC).The IBC (Intelligent Boom Control) option for forwarders is a milestone in forwarder technology. The boom is accurate and easy to operate: the operator controls the boom tip directly instead of controlling independent boom joint movements. The system also considerably reduces  the number of tuning parameters needed and increases durability of boom structures and hydraulic cylinders.


Boom functions as one
The IBC system enables you to control the entire loader as one unit and you no longer need to learn to control several different boom movements together. Controlling the grapple is similar to controlling the movements of your own hand. The IBC system guides the boom wherever the operator wants to take the grapple. 

Electrical cylinder end damping
The IBC system also features electrical end damping for all the main boom movement directions. The system dampens the cylinder end movements softly and stops strong blow-like loads in the end positions which makes driving smoother and also improves the durability of the boom.

Operator adjustments
Operators can adjust the overall speed of the IBC system according to their needs. They can also adjust the speed between various boom parts or change it by using the extension boom manually during operation. The system is switched on and off with the press of a button. 

Intelligent Boom Control is easy to use, accurate and saves time. It is no longer the machine that sets the limits, but the operator. Once the Intelligent Boom Control has been switched on, you might not want to switch it off again.