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MOIPU qiuck coupler

So you have different work sites that needs more than one grapple or attachment? Typically you need to do multiple different work sites with one machine. Often changing your grapple or attachment takes too much time. 

MOIPU Quick Coupler allows you to change different grapples and attachments quickly. Because of this you will have more time to do the job you are paid for.

Thanks to MOIPU quick coupler it takes only few minutes to change your grapple to energy wood head or grapple saw.

Simple structure 


MOIPU quick coupler consists one upper attachment for rotator and two lower attachments for grapples. Lower attachments can be purchased more if needed.
Bolts that connect the lower attachment to grapple aligns the upper and lower attachment. Nord-Locks that come under the big bolts assure firm and lasting fastening.
Hoses for the grapple can be routed through the quick coupler or from the side of the rotator. Weight of the quick coupler is 35kg and height 64mm. Maximum load is 10 tons.
Simple structure guarantees long service life.


Easy to use 

Installing and using the quick coupler is easy! Upper and lower attachments can be separately fastened to rotator and grapple. 
When upper attachment is put on the lower attachment bolts align the quick coupler. Big fastening bolts go easily in to the threads and are in good positions for tightening.
​MOIPU quick coupler helps you to minimize down time while changing grapples and you can concentrate to your work!